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- GABRIELLA TEE (for women) -

Hi! Thank you so much for joining my little testknitting community.

I would like you to share some information with me regarding your (test)knitting experience.

One of the conditions of testknitting, is that you have a PUBLIC INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT (knitting related). 

It is not always required that you are an experienced knitter OR that you have any experience with testknitting.

This depends on the design that has to be testknitted.

Only the English pattern will be testknitted. I will be looking for 2 testknitters per size.

What do I expect from you as a test knitter?

You share the evolution of your test knit or at least the final result with some photos on your instagram account, tagging me and using the appropriate hashtags for the design. You give the necessary feedback on the pattern, sizing, amount of yarn used and type of yarn (this will be further clarified by email). You may of course always contact me personally with questions / remarks via email or instagram. I always create a group chat on instagram. You are - of course - completely free to choose whether you like to join or not. I am looking for dedicated knitters who are committed to finish the testknit within the specified timeframe.

You will be contacted by email if you are selected for a testknit. You will not be contacted if you are not selected for this testknit.


DEADLINE TEST KNIT: 5th of October 2023.

The pattern will be sent by email on Friday the 11th of August at the latest.

For sizes 2XL - 5XL: I don't expect you to finish the entire tee within this timeframe. I do however expect you to finish the yoke, 1 sleeve, a bit of the body and the i-cord neckline.

- ABOUT GABRIELLA (for women) - 

The Gabriella Tee is a beautiful knit with lace details.

The tee is worked top-down, in the round. First the left side of the yoke is worked back and forth, with raglan increases and increases to shape the neckline, followed by the right side of the yoke. The work is then joined in the front. The back neckline is shaped further and once completed, the work is joined at the back. From this point on, the rest of the yoke is knitted in the round. After finishing the yoke, the work is divided into sleeves and body. Stitches are cast on under the arms. The body is knitted in the round until the desired length has been reached. You can choose to work the stitches under the arms in a lace pattern or work the entire body in stockinette stitch. Stitches are bound off using the i-cord bind off. The sleeves are worked in the round, continuing the lace pattern, and bound off using the i-cord bind off. In a final step, stitches are picked up for the neckline to add an i-cord edge.


The Gabriella Tee is a tee with a positive ease of approx. 10-14 cm [4-4.5 inches] compared to the bust circumference.

The sizes XS (S) M (L) XL (2XL) 3XL (4XL) 5XL correspond to a bust circumference of approx. 74 (84) 94 (104) 114 (124) 134 (144) 155 cm [29.25 (33) 37 (41) 45 (48.75) 52.75 (56.76) 61 inches] respectively.

Size: XS (S) M (L) XL (2XL) 3XL (4XL) 5XL

Bust circumference tee: (finished tee):

87 (94.5) 104 (114.5) 125.5 (136) 148.5 (159) 170 cm

34.25 (37.25) 41 (45) 49.5 (53.5) 58.5 (62.5) 67 inches

Length: measured from top shoulder:

46 (48) 50 (52) 54 (56) 56 (58) 58 cm

18.25 (19) 19.75 (20.5) 21.25 (22) 22 (23) 23 inches

Sleeve length: measured from armhole opening:

12 (12) 12 (13) 13 (13) 14 (14) 14 cm

4.75 (4.75) 4.75 (5) 5 (5) 5.5 (5.5) 5.5 inches

Sleeve circumference: measured at armhole opening:

30 (31.5) 36 (36) 38.5 (42.5) 46 (49) 52.5 cm

11.75 (12.5) 14.25 (14.25) 15.25 (16.75) 18 (19.25) 20.75 inches

Yoke depth:

16.5 (18) 21 (23) 24.5 (26) 28 (29.5) 31 cm

6.5 (7) 8.25 (9) 9.75 (10.25) 11 (11.5) 12.25 inches

Gauge10 x 10 cm (4 x 4 inches): 

26 sts x 36 rounds (after blocking) with circular needles 3 mm [US2.5] in stockinette stitch in the round.

Needles: Circular needles 3 mm [US2.5] / cables length 40, 60, 80 and/or 100 cm [16, 24, 32 and/or 40 inches]

OR double pointed needles 3 mm [US2.5] if preferred for the sleeves.

Suggested yarn:        

‘Cashmere Lace’ from Gepard Garn (25 g - 350 m), held double:

150 (150) 175 (200) 200 (225) 250 (275) 275 g

OR 1 strand of ‘Cottonwool 3’ from Gepard Garn (50 g - 233 m)

200 (200) 300 (300) 350 (400) 400-450 (450) g

OR 1 strand of fingering merino (100 g - 400 m) from for example ‘Olivia & Oliver Fibers’:

200 (200) 300 (300) 300-400 (400) 400-500 (500) g

Skill level
Which size would you like to test?

Thank you for helping me! You will be contacted by email if you are selected for a testknit! Happy knitting!

If you have any other questions about the application form of about test knitting, don't hesitate to contact me

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