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...Camille is soft, fluffy and knows what she wants. Camille likes to read, plays music for hours & enjoys curling up under a warm blanket in the evening and disappearing into a good book. Camille is knitted entirely in 1 colour (double thread silk mohair in 1 colour)...




...Babette also knows what she wants, but sometimes she wants a little something extra. Babette likes to go out into the wide world. Preferably with her best friend. They experience the craziest things together. They are inseparable. They are connected for life. Babette is knitted entirely in 2 colours (double thread silk mohair, 1 thread of each colour)...




...Lola likes to spend hours with her head in the clouds, a real dreamer, always looking for new adventures. She dances and sings and jumps through life. A real enjoyer! For the playful birds among us, Lola is the perfect scrunchie, front and back are knitted in a different colour, contrasting, tone sur ton, everything is possible...



Silk mohair: double thread

Suggested yarn: DROPS kid silk - 25 gr / 210 m

Camille: +/- 15 gr silk mohair (double thread)

Babette: +/- 7,5 gr silk mohair colour A held together with +/- 7,5 gr silk mohair colour B

Lola: front +/- 7,5 gr silk mohair colour A + back +/- 7,5 gr silk mohair colour B


Circular needles (short) 4 mm / cable 40 cm

OR: knitting using the magic loop or DPN’s




Scrunchielove - English

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