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The Adorable Ginger Scarf is the ‘little sis’ of the Ginger Shawl. A perfect little accessory for Spring, Summer and Fall. It’s a fun, quick knit and a perfect stash busting project. 


The Ginger Scarf is an elegant triangular little scarf. It comes in 3 different sizes: S, M and L. It’s knitted back and forth, starting at the tip of the scarf. You work increases in every 4th row, until you reach the widest point at the center. You then work decreases in every 4th row until you reach the other tip. 


A full chart is included in the pattern per size, facilitating an effortless tracking of your progress throughout the knitting process. Note that you need to know how to read a chart for this pattern.


Good to know:

The Ginger Scarf is a perfect match with the Ginger Hat & Ginger Mittens


The Ginger Scarf is part of the growing Ginger collection. Each passing year witnesses the addition of new designs, every one of them incorporating the same elegant cable pattern. 



S (M) L        



Length approx 85 (108) 139.5 cm / 33.5 (42.5) 55 inches

Width (measured at the widest point): approx. 11.5 (15.5) 19.5) cm / 4.5 (6) 7.75 inches



Circular needles 4 mm / cable 60 cm [US 6 / cable length 24 inches]    


Gauge: Worked with needles 4 mm:

Cable pattern: 10 x 10 cm = 27 sts x 28 rows


Suggested yarn:        

MAJO Garn ‘Fine merino’ (50 g - 175 m) held together with Majo Garn ‘Pearl mohair’ (25 g -  210 m)

Merino: 25 (38) 65 g

Mohair: 11 (16) 28 g


 ‘Cashmere Klassik’ (25 g - 105 m) held together with ‘Kid Seta’ (25 g - 210 m), both from GEPARD GARN

Cashmere Klassik: 23 (30) 55 g

Kid Seta: 11 (16) 28 g

NOTE: You will need approx. 80 - 90 (110-130) 210-230 m [87-98 (120-140) 230-250 yds] of yarn to make the scarf.


Extra supplies:        

Stitch marker, cable needle, tapestry needle.


Samples as shown in photos:

- Size S: ‘Fine merino’ and ‘Pearl mohair’ in the colour ‘poppy’ from MAJO Garn.

- Size M: ‘Cashmere Klassik’ (col. 832) and ‘Kid Seta’ (col 836) from Gepard Garn.

- Size L: ‘Fine merino’ and ‘Pearl mohair’ in the colour ‘anemone’ from MAJO Garn.

- Size S (light blue): ‘Roma’ from LAMANA in the colour ‘pigeon blue’ (col 36). Not a ‘perfect’ gauge match, but I’ve added a cable repeat in the center. (You could also add a strand of silk mohair and reach  gauge).


Used techniques:

- knit & purl

- knit through back loop & purl through back loop

- making increases on the right & wrong side of your work (M1L / M1R / M1Lp / M1Rp)

- knitting back & forth

- slipping stitches

- knitting cables


The pattern includes a complete chart per size of the scarf.


This pattern is a pdf-file & will be sent via email.

Refunds are not possible.

Ginger Scarf - English

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